Extruded Products

Extruded rubber and silicone profiles are used, inter alia, in civil and water engineering, transportation, automotive industry, industrial appliances, household appliances, food processing, medicine and other industries.


  • Basic profiles of round and rectangular geometries.
  • Profiles of the individual geometry [see more…],
  • Hoses with diameter from 0.3 mm to 150mm
  • Massive profiles in hardness from 30-80 ShA
  • Profiles of porous and cellular rubber


The profiles are manufactured from: silicone rubber, EPDM, NBR, SBR and CR etc.




Liquid Silicone Rubber LSR

This mass production technology allows to produce cost efficiently precise parts made by injection molding of silicone LSR, meeting the highest requirements. LSR parts are used in many demanding industries: automotive, electronics, food, medical, packaging, etc.


For silicone Automotive Connector Seals read more here.




Molded parts

Molded rubber products are used in a variety of responsible environments such as oils, acids and alkalis, and are used in many fields of automotive, household appliances, medicine, orthopedics and in packaging industry,

Production molded to any shape:

  • gaskets
  • rings
  • washers
  • shock absorbers
  • tiles
  • rubber-metal parts
  • stopper corks and other articles according to agreements with the customer.

Molded rubber parts are produced by press molding and by injection molding, using the latest technologies.

Manufactured of:

  • silicone rubber, LSR, EPDM, NR, SBR, CR, FKM, etc.
  • with hardness of 5-85 Shore A



Combined Technologies: splicing, gluing, welding, reinforcing, laminating

Gasket in the form of a framework and as sealing rings are made, inter alia, of rubber and silicone profiles and molded fittings, including the use of metal inserts and reinforcements, valves and others. They offer almost unlimited possibilities of applications. Combined parts are e.g. produced using traditional techniques or spliced by high pressure and temperature, providing optimized strength of the connections and also the flexibility of the weld.


For profile gaskets see more and more




Płyty i arkusze elastyczne

Płyty i arkusze elastyczne znajdują zastosowanie jako podkłady i wykładziny amortyzujące, materiał do wycinania uszczelnień płaskich wycinarką laserową i wodną.

  • Płyty standardowe produkowane są o wymiarach 316x360 mm, 200x400mm z silikonów oraz mieszanek gumowych.
  • Maksymalny wymiar płyt 1,200x10,000 mm.




Płyty i arkusze elastyczne

Wałki silikonowane, o szlifowanej powierzchni okładzin umożliwiają indywidualne kształtowanie parametrów powłoki.




Rubber and silicone

LARKIS Sp. z o.o. produces rubber parts from the following rubber compounds:

Silicone VMQ | EPDM | NR | NBR | SBR | CR | FKM | etc.

Characteristic requirements for products, a variety of working conditions are reflected in the broad-based raw materials and unique recipes, which are engineered and tested in the laboratories of LARKIS Sp. z o.o.

Beside of the standard production, LARKIS Sp. z o.o. is specialized in fast and economical implementation of individual projects, developed on the basis of documentation, drawings or samples.

LARKIS Sp. z o.o. uses highest quality molds and tooling for production, designed and produced in our factory.

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